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16/11/2019: Landslips can be a real problem at this time of year

With weather and related damage being so much in the headlines recently, it was no surprise to get called out to restore a private road and banks to good order following a landslip.

This road represents a transport lifeline for two farms in Cwmyoy, near Abergvenny and had been partly washed away, partly covered in debris to the point where it had become impassable.

The solution involved first of all installing more efficient drainage for the road and surrounding banks, as well as clearing the material that had made its way down the hill, over the road and beyond.

The banks themselves were so steep that even staying on your feet was a challenge at times during the works. Driving a digger wasn't easy either, as you will see in our video gallery page. Despite this, our groundworks team made fairly short work of clearing debris and restoring the continuous track.

Once the road had been made good again, to prevent future slips, strategically placed gabion cages of rocks are now there to shore up and stabilise the bank. With current weather conditions, it is not unlikely that similar jobs will become necessary, so if you have a road, path or driveway that has been de-stabilised with all this rain, get in touch for a quick response and be sure of efficient and effective repairs.

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