image shows: Spring is just around the corner

Image shows: Spring is just around the corner

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Spring is just around the corner and traditionally, the time for having a thorough clean up around the home. This is a time to reduce clutter and make sure that everywhere is spotless.

What better way to start than with beautiful, freshly decorated space? If you are going to move things around to clean, it is a great opportunity to make your home really fresh for the new season. With Wye Valley Renovation and Refurbishment, this can also be a very affordable exercise too.

Whether you choose a modern, high-key scheme like this customer in Abergavenny, or something a little more exguberant, our experienced team can either re-decorate from top to bottom or just brighten up a couple of rooms in a very short time. This also minimises the disruption to your household routine, and by getting the job done professionally, you will be able to get on with the rest of your spring clean in no time.

For a fast, no-obligation quote, or an informal chat over colour schemes, call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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